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    Film info

    • RELEASE DATE: June 2007


      2006, United States, 85 min.



      Jim Verraros

      Emily Brooke Hands

      Rebekah Kochan

      Marco Dapper

      Brett Chukerman

      Mink Stole

      Scott Vickaryous



      Phillip J. Bartell, Q. Allan Brocka



      Phillip J. Bartell


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  • Boasting a red-hot cast and razor sharp script from Q. Allan Brocka (Eating Out and Boy Culture) and Phillip J. Bartell, Eating Out 2 is packed with even more sexy, irreverent fun than its hilarious predecessor.

    When Kyle (“American Idol’s” Jim Verarros) and Marc (Brett Chuckerman) have a break-up that doesn’t quite feel final, Marc goes off in search of other prey while Kyle heads to art class where he instantly falls for hot male model Troy (Marco Dapper). As Kyle and his two best friends lust after Troy, they can’t quite figure out who he likes: boys or girls? Kyle hatches a plan to play it straight in a bid to get into mixed-up Troy’s pants but as the charade heats up the main players find themselves in an endless stream of embarrassing and comprising situations!